I paint on small, precious wood-cradled panels that are  reminiscent of books  The opaque and immediate colors of gouache are an homage to Persian miniatures. In the process of making each piece, I work and rework each layer until the image becomes apparent. I also use screen printing, stamping, and other techniques to create a varied surface on each panel. Finally, I encase the images in resin to preserve the rarity of each image and metaphorically “embalming” the images in my Endangered and Mythical series.

Endangered Species

I have always drawn animals as they are a center point and balance to my life.  As a young child I spoke very late and enjoyed the company of cats and dogs  more than peers.  I loved finding frogs and toads in the creeks and woods of Trumansburg and Ithaca in Upstate New York.

When I moved to the West Coast, I was impressed by the variety of animals and started painting them. The environment became increasingly present in my work after the  birth of my daughter Cecile, which focused my attention on the environmental issues she and future generations will experience.  

Mythical Animals

Folktales and myths have always been integral to my understanding of the world. Overtime, hybrid creatures and genetic engineering have blended with the mythological images of my childhood and I find myself drawing connections – the web of life to environment, food production, and the planet.